Monday, June 04, 2007

NEWS! isnt this just like Quebec

Quebec Prisoners Get A Gift

Some Quebec prisoners are set to get an extra gift as of today. La Presse reports a new rule comes into effect today allowing prisoners, even those denied parole, to get out of jail to visit their families. And it seems the Quebec Parole Board is still trying to figure out exactly how to apply the new rule. It has to be immediate family but it isn't clear whether the inmates are accompanied and handcuffed or whether they're completely free. Some victims rights groups say it's ridiculous, arguing that a prisoner too dangerous for parole should be too dangerous to be let out on a family visit.

victims right groups will be on this real soon!!!

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Anonymous said...

I feel that there are too many TV shows and movies which almost glorify the inmates,or make you feel sorry for them,such as Jailbreak,Oz,and countless others.The system is far too lax on the men who kill and we the ones who have lost loved ones due to the actions of these "people" are left to mourn,hurt and suffer.
Do NOT by OJ's book either please,anyone who reads this....please!