Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beverly Lynn Smith...

Murder solved! 33 year old case

More than three decades later, dedicated detectives say they've finally found the answers . They NEVER gave up! The story generated great coverage, including on CityNews.ca, and cops say that led to new tips and helped them decide who to re-interview.

Read about a Beautiful Young Woman (Beverly Lynn Smith) who's life was taken away .......



Anonymous said...

As of today a 56 year old man,apparently a neighbour of beverly has been arrested for her murder.charges are still pending as police continue their investigation.If this man is indeed her killer,kudos to the officers who refused to give up finding her killer

Rebecca said...

I think I may be confused on how I should be feeling today. As my Aunt said, 'It's bitter-sweet.' I feel happy, yet guilty for feeling happy. You get so used to not knowing. It has been all I know. I don't think I ever really expected this day to come.
I am very proud of my Aunt for pushing my Mom's case. If she hadn't been so persistent, I'm not confidant we would have found out. The Detectives working my Mom's case are amazing. I'm sure they may have found my Aunt's persistence somewhat annoying in the beginning, but they LISTENED to her regardless. I am very grateful to them for doing so. Others simply blew her off. They are wonderful, caring people. They made me feel very comfortable during the times that I was feeling overwhelmed, such as the press release in February. They were encouraging and made me feel confidant. Words cannot express how thankful I am to them.
Putting a name to the person that killed my Mom shocked my family as the accused was a friend at the time. I'm sure it's a shock to his family as well, and I truly feel for them. I wish this didn't have to hurt so many people.
My Mom can rest in peace now. Sharron will too. One thing I know is that a person always has to tell someone. Someone has to know something. Stay persistent.
Thank you for showing interest in my Mother's case. I hope your family will have closure soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this story Doreen, and Rebecca, thank you for sharing. I think this story gives people hope.


Sharron Prior website said...

Beverly was flying!

We want Sharron to fly too! not to Float......

Sharron Prior website said...

Im sorry to have to post this..

UPDATE on Beverly Lyn Smith Case

Murder charge withdrawn in decades-old Ontario case Ontario Provincial Police have withdrawn a murder charge laid several months ago against a slain woman's former neighbour, 33 years after the woman's death.

Alan Smith, 56, was charged in March with the second-degree murder of 22-year-old Beverly Lyn Smith, who was shot to death in 1974.

The two were not related, but lived near each other in Raglan, just north of Oshawa.

Crown prosecutor Telena Mulligan told the court the charge against the accused was withdrawn because there was no reasonable prospect of a conviction.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I'd like to extend my sympathy to the family of Beverly Smith - especially to her daughter.

I'd like to know if anyone has had an update re: the status of this case lately? I ask because it seems this case is not straightforward, and there were several twists and turns prior to the latest charge - and now there is no information that I can find at all on it.

Does anyone know how strong the evidence against Mr. Smith is? Was he the only suspect investigated once his ex-wife came forward, and does anyone know the back-story why she was charged?

I lived in the same village before this happened (we moved away a few years prior). I had encounters there with someone who I feel strongly should have been investigated in this case, but the police didn't seem interested in my information. This was before Mr. Smith was arrested. If Mr. Smith is indeed guilty I hope that justice will be done, and soon. However, if the police have arrested the wrong person, I hope they will have the integrity to change course and keep up the investigation and convict the right person.

Again, my sympathies go out to Beverly's family.

Sharron Prior website said...

I have been trying to find information on the NEW NEWS about the man that was arrested!

Sharron Prior website said...


This is the latest that we have

Sharron Prior website said...

anonymous. I think that if you have reason to believe that this man might have had something to do with Beverly Lynn murder..you must make it more clear to the investigators.!