Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sharron Prior Memorial Scholarship Award

September 20, 2008

For those that are unaware. Each year for the last four years Point st Charles holds a recognition day to honor those who have left a mark... for those who make a difference in our community. Also every year a scholarship is presented to a deserving young lady in honor of Sharron Kim Prior memorial scholarship award. This will allow her to continue on to her dreams. Dreams Do come true if you work at them.

Good luck

Prior Family


Anonymous said...

As with the Kelly-Anne Drummond Awards and soon-to-be Theresa Allore Memorial Scholarship, Sharron's Memorial Scholarhip is a wonderful way to honour the memory of a special girl. They also show the strength and love of their families.


Bill Widman said...

Theresa and Sharron both get a memorial scholarship in the same year.
How cool is that!

I am very pleased to hear about this.

Sharron Prior website said...

Yes Bill, This is the 5th Year that a Memorial Scholarship has been given out in "Sharron's" name.

Bill Widman said...

Now ya see?
That's what I get for reading too fast before commenting.

Okay, so this is the 5th year of the Sharron scholarship, and the Theresa scholarship just started recently, which was fresh in my mind when I read this.

Anyway, I'm glad they both got a memorial scholarship fund.