Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Yet Another solved case with DNA

Yolanda Hernandez "COLDCASE"

Yolanda was from Boston..Murdered in 1984
Boston cops follow DNA trail to Atlanta in teen’s murder.

Evidence kept for 24 years helped nab a suspect in the brutal sexual assault and strangulation death of a teenage girl, a crime that had remained unsolved since she was found in a vacant lot in Roxbury in 1984.
A revived Boston police cold case unit cracked the case, and yesterday Sultan Omar Chezulu, 60, formerly known as Robert Scott, was arrested in Atlanta for the murder of Yolanda Hernandez, who was 18 when she was killed. Genetic material from the old evidence that predated police DNA tests led to Chezulu, a career criminal.
read here how the Boston Cold case squad solved this case.

Another Murderer is off the streets!


Anonymous said...

One by one, cold cases are being solved with DNA evidence that was kept but not 'usable' at the time of the crime, and with advances in DNA technology, even DNA evidence as old as 30 or 40 years, is being used to solve these old cases. And in some cases that I've heard about recently, family members of suspects are providing DNA in order to solve some cold cases. To me, those are examples of people 'doing the right thing,' and although it can't be easy, they do it anyway.

Anonymous said...

'doing the right thing,