Monday, January 05, 2009

Jessica Neilson Is Still Missing

It's been almost l month since a young woman vanished from Lasalle. Jessica Neilson IS MISSING ..She was last seen December 8th 2008. Jessica was driving an automatic, white, 4 door ,1994 Acura Integra the model with the circular lights in the front. the licence plate number 284 WNF.
If anyone sees a car that has been abandoned with this licence plate please dont hesitate to call the police.

Jessica's family is appealing to the public to help find her. Relatives put up poster, friends have been on the radio stations. There is also a facebook site. Donald and Robena Nielson last saw their 25-year-old daughter on December the 8th. Jessica said she was going out with co-workers and then disappeared. Anyone with information is asked to call 514- 393-1133.


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if they did a search from her house to the party I am thinking if she had an accident and fell in a snow bank with a white car it might be hard to spot even when ur looking their is no way a mom would be away from her baby on xmas or any other day search the snow banks her family need her home

Anonymous said...

I say the same thing why dont the police do a search in all areas!The night she left the roads were all ice, it was a mess out there.White car white snow,Come on jessica loves her family too much to leave them.I know the public is helping put up posters and talking about what could of happened to her but we all need to stop talking and go out there and look for her the police need to set up a search team.

L K Tucker said...

Disappearances that include a car often do not turn out well. There have been several college students found under water in their cars.

But occasionally one is recovered alive in an altered mental state. Matthew Wilson disappeared from Rice University in Houston and was arrested eight months later in Berkeley California. His car was found on the street and that led to finding him.

Fugue disappearances have been happening for over a hundred years. The first cases of note were in 1880's France.

One account said she worked with her parents. What did she do?

A fugue state should require Subliminal Distraction exposure. That means a work site where others walk beside the concentrating worker. Use of a computer at home with two children moving in peripheral vision could also cause a mental break.

VisionAndPsychosis.Net has the explanation and pages of other student and adult disappearances.

Police should check mental institutions and homeless shelters. The problem is that with a car she could be anywhere she could travel without a passport.

Sharron Prior website said...

sad news Jessica has been found.
Four-month search for missing woman comes to an end.

The discovery

At around 9:20 a.m. on Friday, a construction worker called police to report seeing a body in a car.

The car, which matched the description of Neilson's, was parked in an alley behind 3459 Notre Dame St. W., near the intersection of Greene Ave. and Workman St.

Alexandre Fournier said he saw noticed the woman in the car on Thursday, but didn't think anything of it.

"I thought she was sleeping," he said.

But by the next morning, when he noticed she hadn't moved, he approached the car to take a closer look.

The woman was slumped in the passenger seat with keys in her hand.

Police believe the body may have been there for months, leaving many wondering why no one noticed the abandoned car sooner.

"The car was probably under the snow, so that's probably why during the winter, nobody found the vehicle," Montreal police Const. Philippe Collins told CTV Montreal on Friday.

Anonymous said...

So sad. She was so close by and not found sooner.

Today, April 7, is the funeral service. This is an article from today's Gazette: