Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vigil for Murder Victims

A cold case murder, on the shelves for nearly half a decade, remains unsolved and the victim's family is left to wonder why. This, as family and friends of other murder victims gather to remember their loved ones.
In Niagara Square, a group of people come together who share one thing in common - they've all lost a loved one to homicide. The shoes of the dead stand empty next to photos at this vigil, a reminder of lives snuffed out by violence. "This seems to become sort of a public therapy opportunity where people get a chance to speak collectively, to tell what's on their minds

This story is from Buffalo New York...

But Here in Montreal/Quebec there are Many UNSOLVED homicide
cases..and families are waiting for their loved one cases to be solved...Many empty shoes...


John Allore said...

Like the shoe idea.

Sharron Prior website said...

We thought that it is a pretty great idea!

evielou said...

Hello Pt St Charles
Born and raised there and now since 1965 in heart never left you all
as I visit a lot my family is there
Skipper(just passed away)Lorraine joan Pauline (rip also)
we were all raised there
and heavens it is so hard to believe something like this could happen and no one has been found yet
To you !~ murderer whom everU R
I hope you rot in hell
or living a hell life::
god bless the family: