Sunday, March 28, 2010

February 9th, 1959 - March 29th, 1975

Only 16 years between the Crib + the Grave


Sharron Prior website said...

Easter..a time for birds..trees slowly waking after the long blooming... kids getting excited..ready to play outside and enjoy the air..bikes... lovers.... what a beautiful time of year!..and yes! we still like Easter..but the memories are hard. The memories of a beautiful young woman named Sharron who had her future..who was beautiful..and so full of life..was taken away from us....on March 29th 1975.


Yes we grew up and had children of our own we nurtured them ..we taught our kids to be not afraid but to be aware of their surroundings.. In life that you cant trust anyone. Our kids, Sharron's nieces and nephews are proud to hear stories of their auntie that they had never met. They always talk about her and will continue to keep her memory alive like we do!
this--- is what Sharron would have wanted..for us to teach our kids the values and to help them to be not nervous but careful with whats around them. Sharron's, last afternoon she was painting Easter eggs....these are the last memories/moments that we have of Sharron..beautiful memories..and we still paint Easter eggs..because every Easter eggs we paint are another memory that we keep in our hearts!

To all the Special people in Sharron's life who today still care..who write in her guest book who never forget their special moments...and are always trying to help us find out who did this to Sharron. Happy Easter...

Continue to PAINT your eggs..AND REMEMBER SHARRON

Bill Widman said...

That's beautiful, Doreen,
and very sweet.
I have never known your sister, but her story touches my heart.

I was 4 years old when Sharron was born. I was 20 when she died. I am absolutely sure I would have liked her if I met her.

From now on, everytime I celebrate Easter, I will think of Sharron.