Monday, March 28, 2011

It has been 36 years now that Sharron was murdered March/29/1975 still unsolved: Could you please write a short note to America Most wanted to air Sharron's case on T.V. A.M.W.

Prior Family

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Sharron Prior website said...

To all the people/friends who have written in the past year into Sharron's Guest book to send info to our family...or added thoughts on her case we Thank You. And those of you who have added special words..and special memories of Sharron not to mention sent photos of her to our family. Photos is all that we have. We Thank you.. 36 years. Thank you to everyone who has forwarded our messages and copied and pasted.. Thanks to people who have wanted to do all...and continue to do all they can for Sharron's Murder Cold case.

You know who you all are......

As we move on!

Sincerely Prior family