Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sharron Prior $10,000 Reward

Sharron Prior Age 16

Someone has Generously given $10,000 reward.. We Thank-You

*Please Do The Right Thing*


Lindy said...

Wow! That is really wonderful. I hope it makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

I truly hope the reward makes the difference. If it doesn't, I hope the family can take solace in the fact that sometimes god's justice is far more swift than the law. Sharron's case has troubled me very deeply and to her killer 'sooner or later god'll cut you down' -johnny Cash-

to the family-My deepest condolences, may you find peace

Bill Widman said...

I'm so excited I don't know what to do first. Scream and shout? Post something in my blog about it? Pehaps I should send up a prayer of thanks for that wonderful person who offered the reward. My love to the Prior family, as always.

Anonymous said...

The funny things is that as time passes, sadness fades from the hearts of the innocent, where as shame and guilt descends upon the consiousness of evil. Time is short, god and Sharron await you for your judgement.