Tuesday, October 23, 2018

genetic genealogy

 Mixture of DNA analysis and family genealogy has been helping law enforcement crack cold cases.
we never ever give up!


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Unknown said...

Can the genetic genealogy technique shown in 60 minutes help with Sharron's case?
With all the new technology, especially in DNA, I can't believe there isn't something new, the police unit assigned to the case, can't utilize. Are the assigned detectives still in touch with your family? Are there no new tips/leads/techniques/computer data sharing available?
My heart is broken that this case is still open. Your sister was a beautiful human being,her life taken away by some psycho.
I pray that some new information is revealed. That your family stays well and involved until the case is solved.
Your family is courageous.
Linda Wright
Neighbour from Congregation street.
April 10/2019