Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The survivors...

Problems of Survivors

1. Isolation and helplessness in a world that is seen as hostile and uncaring and that frequently blames the victim.
2.Feelings of guilt for not having protected the victim.
3.The memory of a mutilated body at the morgue; "How much did my loved one suffer?"
4.Getting back the personal belongings of a murder victim.
5.Sensational and/or inaccurate media coverage.
6.Lack of information.
7.The strain on marriages (frequently resulting in divorce) and the strain on family relationships.
8.Effects on health, faith and values.
9.Effects on other family members, children, friends, co-workers, etc.
10.Indifference of the community, including professionals, to the plight of survivors.
11.Financial burden of medical and funeral expenses.
12.Public sympathy for murderers.
13.Outrage about the leniency of the murderer's sentence.
14.Disparities in the judicial system (frequently punishments for property crimes are as great or greater than the crime of taking a human life).
15.Anger over a plea-bargain arrangement/agreement.
16.Unanswered questions about the crime, such as "What happened?"
17.Constantly reliving your story through the dreaded parole process.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The above are 3 photo's from the Allo Police in 1975
Picture #1 A car seat cushion which was found at the crime scene
Picture #2 A pierce earring that belonged to Sharron which is missing
Picture# 3 A rag/material which was found at the crime scene
Does anyone recognize these articles?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Think back to Easter weekend 1975

We are sure there was Sharrons blood on/in or around the vehicle or where ever she was held! How can this be totally ignored? I'm sure this perp had to have this vehicle cleaned. Some one back then HAD to have noticed something. Wife? daughter? Mother? Sister? Brother? The perp most probably had to have the car washed before anyone came back from Easter weekend? Did no one see anything that was out of the ordinary?

Think back to Easter Weekend 1975

If you remember anything the slightest bit of information post on the private message board

Sunday, November 26, 2006

well isn't this something...

DNA Leads to Florida Man in 1989 Murder

The Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS - A man accused of killing a teenager 17 years ago was charged with murder Friday, after fighting extradition from Florida for six weeks.
David Ashworth, 46, is accused of strangling Lisa Joan Summers of Indianapolis in June 1989. Summers disappeared while riding a bicycle home from her job at a fast food restaurant. Her body was found four days later in a field on Indianapolis' far west side.
DNA evidence led to Ashworth's arrest Sept. 18 in Lakeland.Ashworth and another man reported finding Summers' body. When Marion County sheriff'sInvestigators interviewed Ashworth, he gave three different accounts of where he was the night she disappeared.His wife told investigators Ashworth had been home at the time, but in 1992 she recanted and said he had not returned until 6:30 a.m.In 2004, Detective WilliamRogers submitted a DNA sample taken from Ashworth in 1992 for testing against blood on Summers' clothing and saliva on a cigarette butt found near her body.Ashworth fought being brought back to Indiana from Florida to face charges.He had been "living there, working there (and) thinking he got away with murder," David Wyser, Marion County chief trial deputy prosecutor, said outside Marion Superior Court on Friday.Ashworth was being held without bail at the Marion County Jail.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Wanted Sharron so bad...

Did someone want Sharron so bad? But knew that she would never be with him?

Watched her..... Thought about her constantly...

Sunday, November 19, 2006


The Prior family would like to thank everyone who has posted their questions and comments in Sharrons private mail concerning her MURDER.This case is NOT closed! still many leads. Time will tell.There are readers who are starting to remember little things.If any one wishes to add more suggestions/leads/comments, please do so.

Prior Family

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

One of Sharron's Artists

Elton coming to the Bell center this coming weekend!..

Elton John was the most popular recording artist of the '70s .

Sharron Loved Elton John's music.... I would remember Sharron's music playing in her bedroom.."good memories"

"Rocket Man"
"Crocodile Rock"
"Bennie and the Jets"............................Just to name a few


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Going through photos.. was cool outside... sat and went through some old albums ..Photos of Sharron...and a few of her of them was our dogs licence from 1975. Also a cameo that belonged to our Grandma... She kept everything!

I miss her...


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

All comments are welcomed

If anyone out there has comments on Sharrons Murder..
Please post here in the blog...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Goes to show you "CAN" keep a secret!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Who Killed Janet Chandler?It is odd for six to have kept a secret like this for 27 years.

Six held in brutal 1979 sex slayingHOLLAND, Michigan

For more than a quarter century, the brutal sex slaying of Hope College student and hotel clerk Janet Chandler baffled law enforcement officials.As the case grew colder with each passing year, it became less likely that whoever was responsible would be brought to justice.

Then, a few years ago, a film class at Hope produced a documentary about the unsolved mystery that sparked new interest in the case. After the film aired on a Grand Rapids television station in January 2004, investigators started getting tips again.

Following up on the new information, they arrested Robert Lynch, 66, of Three Oaks, in February of this year and charged him in connection with the 1979 homicide.

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox announced Wednesday that five more arrests had been made, including four men and a woman who was the victim's roommate and boss. They were taken into custody Monday and Tuesday in Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

"It has always been the mission of all parties involved in this investigation to ensure that the family of Janet Chandler sees justice. That day is now coming closer," Cox said during a news conference.

The five men, including Lynch, were working as security guards for the same company at the time of the killing and were in Holland because they were on assignment at a local labor strike.The victim's parents, James and Glenna Chandler, of Muskegon, attended the news conference but declined to speak to reporters.

Authorities said Janet Chandler was working her job as a clerk at the Blue Mill Inn on January 31, 1979, when she was kidnapped by the six suspects and taken to a house where she was beaten, raped and strangled.

A snowplow driver discovered her body a day later about 35 miles south of Hollad in a wooded turnaround on Interstate 196.

Cox identified those arrested this week as: James Cleophas "Bubba" Nelson, 59, of Rand, West Virginia; Arthur Carlton "Carl" Paiva, 54, of Muskegon; Freddie Bass Parker, 49, of Powellton, West Virginia; Laurie Ann Swank, 48, of Nescopeck, Pennsylvania; and Anthony Eugene Williams, 55, of Boscobel, Wisconsin.

Parker's sister Annette Bennett said her brother had left Michigan a day or two before Chandler was killed and was in West Virginia when it happened.

"My brother is innocent. My brother would not hurt a flea," said Bennett, 41, of Belle, West Virginia.

Nelson's attorney, public defender Ronni Sheets, said she had not met with him and had no comment. Attempts to reach the other suspects' attorneys or relatives for comment were unsuccessful.

Holland police Chief John A. Kruithoff said all five were taken into custody in their hometowns. Like Lynch, the five new suspects were arrested on warrants charging each of them with three counts of first-degree murder.

Each person is charged with premeditated murder and committing a murder during the commission of two other felonies, which in this case included kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct.

While authorities declined to rule out the possibility of more arrests, Kruithoff said they were "confident we have identified those responsible for Janet's death."

Thursday, August 17, 2006

IS it Possible??


Monday, August 14, 2006

Sharron Prior website blog

Someone DOES! know something...

You know who you are...

Friday, July 28, 2006


Subject: Woman and children murdered by men as men in Quebec alone since December 6th, 1989


Ada Burns, Aïda El-Tomi, Agnes McCormick-McKenzie, Albina Arbour Cloutier, Alex Maheux-Royer, Alexandra McBride, Alexandre Blanchette, Alexandre Riendeau, Alice Benoît, Alice Lépine-Reeves, Aline Dubé, Aline Robidoux, Aline Taylor-Francoeur, Aloma Potvin, Alonzo Ortiz, Amanda Huard, Andréa Gagné, Andrée Halpin, Andréanne Tremblay, Andrée Guénette, Angela Moreau, Anita Lelièvre, Ann Lyons, Ann Tuyet Nguen, Anna Marden, Anna Yarnold, Anna-Maria Codina-Leva, Anne Brissette, Anne Laurin, Anne-Lisa Cefali, Anne-Marie Edward, Anne-Marie Lemay, Anne-Marie Morin, Anne-Marie Sharpe, Annette Wilson, Annick Babin, Annick Gravel, Annie Dominique-Normandin, Annie St-Arneault, Annie Turcotte, Anthony Lefebvre-Richer, Antoinette Asselin, Antonia Cantin, Ashley Pluviose, Audrey Danjou-Chrétien, Audrey Dubé, Audrey Martin, Audrey Paquet, Aurélie Grimoux, Aurore Tremblay (2), Aylin Olana-Garcia, Barbara Daigneault, Barbara Maria Kluznick, Bee-Leei Meng,Béatrice De Montigny, Béatrice Lavoie, Béatrice Thibodeau, Benoît Marceau, Bercuhi Leylekoglu, Berta Dimidjan, Berthe Hardy-Blanchette, Bianca Caron, Binh-Khieu-Thanh Tran, Bitha Mengo Munsi, Blandine Simoneau-Girard, Bonnie Dagenais, Born Samphorn, Brejnev Lee Maynard, Brigitte Gagné, Calliope Vournous, Carmel Louisjeune, Carmen Lagueux, Carmie Jeannot, Carmina Rivas, Carole Bienvenue, Carole Blanchette, Carole Boisvert, Carole Lachapelle, Carole Martin, Carole Rajotte, Carolle Deschamps, Caroline Guimond, Caroline Landry, Caroline Laniel, Caroline Poulin, Caroline Veilleux, Carrie Dolores Mancuso, Carrie-Ann Larocque, Catherine Dansereau, Catherine Morin,Cathy Brooks, Cathy Caretta, Cécile Clément, Cécile Roy, Cédric Alexandre-Scott, Cédric Bourgeois-Cadieux, Céline Fréchette, Céline Lemieux-Letendre, Céline Letellier, Céline Pearson, Céline Saint-Amant, Chantal Brière, Chantal Brochu, Chantal Coutu, Chantal Lavoie, Chantal Tremblay, Charlene McFarlane, Charles Gagné, Charles Tremblay, Chien Chin Wong, Christian Girard, Christiane Asselin, Christiane Boucher, Christiane Maurice, Christina Deladurantaye, Christina Mitriou, Christina Palasanu, Christine Baillargeon, Christine Dallaire-Labelle, Christine De Grandmont, Christine Deslauriers, Christine Dubé, Christine Leclerc, Christine Lessard, Christine Speich, Christine Tremblay, Christophe-Emmanuel Robinson, Chrystelle Lavigne-Gagnon, Cindy Bouchard, Cindy Faucher, Claire Lafrenière, Claire Ouellet-Bourgault, Claire Samson, Claude Ferron, Claude Julien, Claude Lecours, Claudette Archambault-Perron, Claudette Frenière, Claudette Servant, Claudia De Montigny, Claudia Drouin, Claudine Breault, Claudine Caron, Clothilde d’Auteuil, Colette Harnois, Colette Julien, Colette Rondeau, Cristobalina Vasquez, Cynthia Crichlow, Daniel Desrochers, Danielle André, Danielle Boucher, Danielle Dufour, Danielle Falardeau, Danielle Guilbault, Danielle Laplante, Danielle Provost, Danny Deschamps, Dany Fleurant, David Guillet, David Prieur-Santerre, Deborah Ann Rothmann, Deilia Tautu, Delima Kopeau, Denise Charron, Denise Duquette, Denise Martel, Denise Rybicki, Diana Tautu, Diane Bergeron, Diane Couture, Diane Durand, Diane Francis, Diane Gélinas, Diane Labelle, Diane Latour, Diane Lavigne, Diane Massicotte, Diane Paquette, Diane Tremblay, Dolores Lijoi,Dominique Tremblay, Donald Desruisseaux, Donna Norris, Dora Psyrris, Dorine Mallette, Dylan Lebel, Elaine Cormier, Éliane Hervieux, Elisapi Assepa, Elise Leboeuf, Elizabeth Bernachez-Larocque, Emilia Thomas, Émilie Thinel, Emma Reda di Girolano, Emmanuella Corso, Éric Arpin, Éric Beauvais, Éric Labonne, Estelle Letendre, Esther Conserve, Eva Paradis, Evette Brown-Alliman, Fabian Mitchell, Fanny Kingstone, Fatima Kama, Florence Bouchard, France Bazinet, France Cossette, France Beauregard, France Lacharité, France Legault, France Pelletier, France Roy (2), France Saint-Germain, Francine Gouin, Francine Lacroix, Francine Lefebvre, Francine Turcotte-Bérard, Francine Valois, Francine Villeneuve, Francis Boucher, François Mongrain, François Wistaff, Françoise Barnes-Carrière, Françoise Beaulieu, Françoise Beaulne, Françoise Lirette, Frankz Anatole, Gaétane Saint-Pierre, Gemma Dessureault, Geneviève Bergeron, Geneviève Dubois, Geneviève Prieur-Santerre, Georges-Éric Lohier, Georgette Forget, Germaine Charbonneau, Germaine Désilets, Germaine Hebert, Gertrude Paquin, Ghislaine Dubé, Ghislaine Gagnon, Ghislaine Poirier, Gilberte Desalliers, Ginette Boucher, Ginette Dufresne, Ginette Gaudette, Ginette Gauthier, Ginette Lamirande-Grenon, Ginette Legault, Ginette Rivard, Ginette Roger, Ginette Vincent, Gisèle Côté, Guylaine Fortin, Guylaine Gent, Guylaine Leblond, Guylaine Potvin, Hanh Nguyen, Helen Bauer, Hélène Colgan, Hélène Dufresne, Hélène Farman, Hélène Hurtubise, Hélène Langlais, Hélène Morneau, Hélène Plante, Hélène Verreault, Hend El-Tomi, Hermeline Leblanc-Bourdages, Hortensia Diaz, Huguette Boulanger, Huguette Demers-Paradis, Huguette-Marie Brideau, Ian Lambert-Tourangeau, Ida Rudy Kramer, Immaculée-Barbara Pierre, Innocent Kastar, Isabelle Bacon, Isabelle Bolduc, Isabelle Brouillette-Venne, Isabelle Champoux, Isabelle Denis, Isabelle Lotz, Isabelle Rolin, Isabelle Villeneuve, Ivy Roberts, Jacinthe Dufour, Jacqueline Bernard, Jacqueline Dansereau, Jacqueline Fortin, Jacqueline Lecors, Jadwiga Lorynski, Jae Woo Hu, Jane Grefford, Janet Kuchinski, Janette Daigneault, Janie Lefebvre, Jasmine Mathews, Jayshri Patel, Jea In Hu, Jean-Anthony Richer, Jean-Christophe Roy, Jean-Francois Leclerc, Jean-Francois Lessard, Jean-François Parenteau, Jean-Marc Harper, Jean-Philippe Rossignol, Jean-Vanel Prévost, Jeanet Grenier-Lajoie, Jeanne Bouchard, Jeanne Francoeur, Jeanne d’Arc Alarie-Ouellet, Jeanne-Lolita Cameron, Jeannelle Dumont, Jeannette Fradette-Fréchette, Jeannette Lamoureux, Jeannine Boissonneault-Durand, Jeannine Marineau, Jenny Lenner, Jérôme Fréchette-Vachon, Jérôme Leclerc, Jérôme Langlois, Jessica Charbonneau, Jessica Chiasson-Huard, Jessica Grimard, Jessica Lemire-Gagnon, Joan Williams, Joanna Simolenska-Powada, Joanne Beaudoin, Joanne Cloutier, Joanne Foessi, Joanne Salvatore, Jocelyn Toope, Jocelyne Bourbonnais-Delorme, Jocelyne Lemay, Jocelyne Montreuil, Jocelyne Parent, Jocelyne Plante, Jocelyne Poirier, Joëlle Delage, Joëlle Tremblay, Johanne Chalut, Johanne Godbout, Johanne Guay, Johanne Patenaude, Johanne Plante, Johanne Renaud, Johanne Saint-Éloi, Johanne Valade, Joleil Campeau, Jonathan Beaudin, Jonathan Brodeur, Jonathan Couture, Jonathan Gilbert, Josée Jobidon, Josée Johnston, Josée Mathieu, Josée Matte, Josée Paquin, Josée Pitre, Josée Siracusa, Josée Tremblay, Joséphine Sberna, Joséphine Petitpas, Josette Duchesne, Josette Therriault, Josiane Jeannot, Joyce Bond, Judy Clark, Julie Beauvais, Julie Boisvenu, Julie Gendron, Julie Labonne, Justin Bauer, Justin Langlois, Juthlande Pierre, Kamalmatie Mulidhar-Janack, Karen Margaret Ann Lewis, Karina Janveau, Karine Hamel, Karine Pagé, Karyn Hicks, Kathryn Hannan, Katti Blouin, Kevin Stringer, Kelly-Lynn Fitzpatrick, Kim Parent, Kristina Blain, Laurette Roy, Laorina Adriansen, Laurette Jarry, Laurin Lirette, Laurie Fréchette, Leila El-Tomi, Léonie Hanscom-Dubé, Lijuan Wang, Liliane De Montigny, Lina Charron, Lina Stinziani, Linda Borden, Linda Condo, Linda Lafrance, Line Laforce, Lise Beaudoin, Lise Bélisle, Lise Bourgeois, Lise Brisebois, Lise Cossette, Lise Desmarais, Lise Hardy, Lise Laporte, Lise Papineau, Lise Raymond, Lise Roberge-Beaudoin, Lise Verreault-Bélanger, Lisette Boucher, Lorraine Bourgeois, Lorraine Keogh, Lorraine Pelletier, Louana Charles, Louise Campbell, Louise Chaput, Louise De Prater, Louise Dubreuil, Louise Ellis, Louise Fleury, Louise Héroux, Louise Gagnon, Louise Lessard-Piché, Louise Macenat, Louise Pageau, Louise Plante-Ouellet, Louise Prieur-Santerre, Louise Ruel, Louiselle Caron, Louisette Laflamme, Lucette Boily, Lucette Mageau-Casey, Lucie Brousseau, Lucie Castonguay, Lucie Dionne, Lucie Gélinas, Lucille Gignac-Gélinas, Lucille Morin, Ludovic Giasson, Luis Antonio Ortiz, Lyane Breault, Lydia Enaruiluk, Lyne Saint-Onge, Lyne Villeneuve, Lynn Labonté, Manon Dubé, Manon Hamel, Manon Leblanc, Manon Lécuyer, Manon Paquin, Manon Trottier, Manuel Pouw, Marc Falardeau, Marc-Alexandre Chartrand, Margaret Anglin, Marguerite Boka, Marguerite Landry, Marguerite Paris-Beauregard, Maria Gallo-Dubé, Maria Susette Lamos, Marie Bourdeau, Marie Lemay, Marie-Anne Bouffard, Marie-Berthe Marcotte, Marie-Chantale Desjardins, Marie-Claude Côté, Marie-Eve Larivière, Marie-France Foucault, Marie-Ghislaine Charles, Marie-Hélène Dubé, Marie-Jimcia Augustin, Marie-Josée Champagne, Marie-Paule Foucault, Marie-Paule Gagné, Marie-Pier Gauthier, Marie-Pier Joly, Marielle Michaud, Marielle Villeneuve, Mariette Giroux, Mariette Lacombe, Marilu Ortiz, Marlene Hogue, Marthe Beaulieu, Martine Auger, Martine Lefebvre, Martine Scotto, Marwan Harb, Mary Begg, Mary Glenn, Maryse Charron, Maryse Côté, Maryse Laganière, Maryse Leclair, Maryse Levac, Matthew Collins, Matthieu McDonald, Maud Bélair, Maud Haviernick, Maxime Ayotte-McPhee, Maxime Raymond, Maxime Giasson Saint-Hilaire, Mélanie Cabay, Mélanie Messier, Mélissa Williski, Mercedes Castellanos, Mercedez Boudu, Michael Paquette, Michael-Stéphane Jolin, Michel Perreault, Michèle Bernard, Michèle Blais, Michèle Richard, Micheline-Ange Charest, Micheline Bond, Micheline Cuerrier, Micheline Denis, Micheline Dufault, Micheline Grégoire-Denis, Micheline Lacharité, Micheline Lapierre, Micheline Leblanc, Micheline Sévigny, Michelle Rhéaume,Mikael McDonald, Mikaela Tautu, Milia Abrar, Mina Brascoupé-Jérôme, Ming Hung Ha, Minnie Kenuajuak, Mireille Bélanger, Mireille Bruneau, Moïra Fortin, Monique Gaudreau, Monique Saint-Germain, Monique Stocker, Monique Woods, Mylène Marceau, Myriam Chrétien, Myriam Valois, Nadège Châtelain, Nadia Marion, Nancy Guimond, Nancy Lebreux, Nancy Martins, Nancy Potvin, Nancy West, Natacha Desbiens, Natacha Genovesi, Natalia Masiak, Natasha Alexandre-Scott, Nathalie Beauregard, Nathalie Chassy, Nathalie Croteau, Nathalie Dallaire, Nathalie Dumont, Nathalie Jolicoeur, Nathalie Lévesque, Nathalie Rouleau, Nelly Bobishe, Nicky Robinson, Nicolas Maloney, Nicole Abi-Natted, Nicole Bloomer, Nicole Desgagnés, Nicole Dubuc, Nicole François, Nicole Lacombe Rocheleau, Nicole Morrissette, Nicole Sassoon, Nicole Tremblay, Nora Guité-Bujold, Nuran Demirel Keser, Odette Dugas, Odette Pinard, Olivette Dupont-Baril, Pascal Poulin, Pascale Lemaire, Pascale Thomas, Patricia Shandroo, Paula Laviolette, Pauline Berthiaume-Bouthillette, Pauline Boulet-Bellegarde, Pauline Bourrelle, Pauline Duval, Pauline Saint-Vincent, Pearl Lamarre-Rushford, Pierre-Luc Michaud, Pierre-Luc Rioux, Pierrette Charrette, Pierrette Faucher, Pierrette Garceau, Pierrette Pelletier, Pierrette Plouffe-Guénette, Pierrette Vaillancourt-Péladeau, Priscilla Décarie-Rondeau, Rachel Marcoux, Raymonde Poulin-Lapointe, Reine Lauzière-Pagé, René Lauzon, Rhéa Landry-Carufel, Rita Houde-Marchand, Rita Tookalook, Roberte Ménard-Dunn, Rollande Asselin-Beaucage, Rollande Vincent-Rinfret, Rosa del Carmen Yanez Cartagena, Rose Daigle, Rose Lagacé, Rosilda Houle, Roxan Charbonneau, Ruby Ann Poucachiche, Sacha Vallée, Samara Foucault, Samuel Desormeaux, Samuel Shawn, Samuel Thompson, Sandra Gaudet, Santino d'Intino, Sarah Dutil-Coculuzzi, Sarah Gagnon, Scott MacCormack, Sébastien Fugues, Seneca Lapointe, Shanmatie Dookie, Shaun Birch, Sidney Normandin, Skyler Hallock-Marchand, Solange Bérubé-Guay, Solange Lelièvre, Sonia Pelletier, Sonia Raymond, Sophie Champagne, Sophie Gervais, Stéphane Dion, Stéphane Guimond, Stéphane Houle, Stéphanie Ladouceur, Stephanie Pierpaolie, Steve Trudel, Steven Valentine, Sun Ok Hu, Suzanne Bédard, Suzanne Bergeron, Suzanne Chiquelho, Suzanne Grondin, Suzanne Jodoin, Suzanne Lecours, Sylvia Branco, Sylvie Boucher, Sylvie Chauvin, Sylvie Cyr, Sylvie Lefebvre, Sylvie Mireault, Sylvie Richard, Sylvie Saint-Onge, Sylvie Samson, Sylvie Théorêt, Sylvie Tétreault, Sylvie Viau, Talin Leylekoglu, Tanya Buschman, Tanya Melzer, Tanya Pinette, Tara Manning, Teresinha Ng, Theresa Shanahan Litzak, Theresa Luca, Thérèse Brière, Thérèse Gélinas, Thérèse Labelle, Thérèse Riel, Thong Van Luangduangsuthidej, Tina Diaz, Tina Laposta, Tobbie Turbide, Travis Paris, Tricia Shelen Pillingy, Tung Than Nueng, Valérie Aubin, Vicky Michaud, Vicky Parent, Vicky Paquet, Vicky Roy, Victoire Cossette, Victoria Debes Ghazal, Victor Lemay, Virginia Pacuraru, Viviane Simoneau, Wesley Bauer, Widad El-Tomi, Wildrine Julien, William Lavallée, Yanne Cornu-Poirier, Yolande Perron, Youlia Ermenlieva, Yvette Charbonneau-Bonneau, Yvette Groleau-Gariépy, Yvette Latulippe, Yvette Martin-Chouinard, Yvonne Arseneault, Yvonne Bédard, Yvonne Duchesne et Yvrose Guilloux,

as of September 20, 2003.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Want answers about sexual offenders in 2005 & 2006

...In the South west area of Montreal? sorry we don't know that as of yet! BUT we DO know there were over 500 sexual offenders in the South West area Of Montreal in 1975...

St Henri
Point St. Charles

The Prior Family

Thursday, July 13, 2006

And this is Sharron...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Paul Cherry

For those of you who have been looking through the Gazette waiting on the Update from Sharrons case..RE: CJAD Radio..We are still waiting on Paul Cherry.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sexual Offenders??

Sharron Prior website blog

Does anyone know how many sexual offenders there are in the Southwest area of Montreal? 2005-2006?

St Henri
Point St. Charles

Please feel free to post your thoughts

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