Thursday, July 17, 2008

Touch DNA

A Blogger posted this in the Guest book...

What I don’t understand is this; They (the police) were supposed to have checked any dna that was left, and to this there was no match. After all these years this one monster who committed this crime has committed no other crimes? Nothing to compare his dna to? I find that hard to believe. That horrific of a crime to be just one time. Now, with this new Touch DNA are they going to test again with this new technology? Read on Touch DNA

Here’s hoping one day the Prior family will get justice.

Crime scene DNA is typically recovered from blood or semen stains. This so-called "touch DNA" is left behind when people touch things, because they naturally shed skin cells that contain the genetic material. To find such DNA, "you have to have a good idea of where someone has been touched, or in this case, where you think the suspect would have touched. That somebody pulling down her pants would have touched the waistband and the sides.