Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cold case website set up in TORONTO

Police in Toronto, Canada have set up a 'cold case' website in the hope that new information could help crack unsolved murder cases.

"The traditional means of communication has sometimes been inadequate," Toronto Police Chief William Blair told the city's Globe and Mail newspaper.
"A very significant portion of our population, in particular young people in our city, get most of their information on the web," he added.
The cold-case website contains details of murders that date back decades.

Information from the investigations – including detectives' reports, photos and maps – are all on the site.
One unsolved murder is the case of Christine Prince a nanny from Wales, working in Canada.

She was murdered in June 1982 on her way home from a night out with friends. The murderer's identity is still unknown.

According to the cold-case website: "Murder investigations are made up of many pieces of information. Perhaps your piece of the puzzle is what is needed to complete the picture."
Maybe just maybe Quebec will see this and follow in their footsteps?

Is it too much to ask?

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Monday, November 03, 2008

"Garden of Hope"

Within the last few years we have come across some pretty special people. Friends who have helped us with this Web site,People who have just emailed us privatly to say that they remember Sharron. We have had nice mesaqges and not so nice. We have had strangers who have written in Sharrons GuestBook just letting us know that they care.
We have known a special woman who emailed our family wanting to place a plaque on the wall of the "Garden Of Hope" which is in Vancouver.
This special lady emailed our family back and forth to ask what we wanted on the Plaque we told her and she went there to B.C and got the plaque engraved, the plaque will be placed on the Garden of Tears Memorial Wall which is located in the Garden of Tears Lillie's Garden .

Please read here the heart breaking story of Lillie and the unsolved murder of her young daughter Kathryn-Mary Herbert who was murdered in 1975 , her mom has made a Garden Of Tears~Garden Of Hope.

and to our special Friend who took the time to place this beautiful plaque on the WALL of HOPE (you know who you are) Thankyou

Prior Family