Sunday, March 01, 2009

Wednesday Marks 34 Years Since Trimble Disappearance

After 34 years police have finally charged someone with Marcia Trimble's death.
Marcia's Mothers words,

"Every year, for 34 years now, Virginia takes time to observe a horrible anniversary, but Wednesday, "I'm not burdened down with anything. I feel free."

Virginia's daughter, Marcia, disappeared in Green Hills on February 25, 1975. The 9-year-old's body was found a month later. For years, the murder went unsolved, but on the 34th anniversary there was finally a suspect, Jerome Barrett. "I've always wanted to know who killed her? When she died and how she died?" This is the first time Virginia's talked since Barrett was charged with her daughter's murder, and she hopes for answers when he goes to trial this July.

How Wonderful after all these years!