Friday, February 23, 2007

We Remember Them

We Remember Them Memorial Wall

Take a few are just a few names to remember...
And there are so many more

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Take another look at these articles

The above are 3 photo's from the Allo Police in 1975
Picture #1 A car seat cushion which was found at the crime scene
Picture #2 A pierce earring that belonged to Sharron which is missing
Picture# 3 A rag/material which was found at the crime scene
Does anyone recognize these articles?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Jane Doe rapist free soon...

Jane Doe rapist free soon
After 20-year sentence attacker still violent, experts say

Serial rapist Paul Douglas Callow will be freed from prison in two weeks. (WONDERFUL!)

And there's not much anyone can do about it.

Callow, who became known as the Balcony Rapist during a serial rape spree in Toronto in the mid-1980s, will have completed a 20-year prison sentence Feb. 25 and will be freed in British Columbia.
It's believed Callow will live in the Vancouver area, where his family lives.
Callow had already sexually attacked two women in the 1970s before he raped five women at knifepoint during the Toronto attacks.
After stalking his victims, Callow climbed onto their second- or third-storey balconies and entered through broken windows or doors.
He then raped his victims for up to 90 minutes.

Callow, who came to Toronto from Vancouver in 1981 and then married and had a little girl, once told a psychiatrist that he was responsible for 26 rapes.
His string of rapes -- in the Wellesely and Sherbourne area -- included the brutalization of a woman who became known as Jane Doe.
Jane Doe launched a $1.2-million lawsuit against Toronto Police in which she alleged they were negligent for not warning women about the Balcony Rapist's attacks.
She was later awarded $220,000 by a judge who agreed she had been used as "bait."
Trial Judge John Kerr noted when he passed sentence that if any of the victims had resisted Callow "we might be sitting here on a charge of murder".
A National Parole Board (NPB) panel agreed with Justice Kerr in 2000 when they ordered Callow to stay in prison for the full 20-year duration of his sentence.
At the most recent NPB review of Callow's detention Jan. 15, it was noted that he was involved in the prison drug subculture.
Drug paraphernalia were found in his possession Dec. 27, the NPB said in parole documents obtained by the Toronto Sun, and he "admitted to getting high on three separate occasions."
Tests show that Callow poses a high risk to reoffend sexually, or with violence.
The NPB noted that Callow had difficulties "controlling inappropriate behaviour" and in one case attempted to rape a nurse who worked at a treatment program.
Steve Sullivan, executive director of the Ottawa-based Resource Centre for the Victims of Crime, said Callow's case "is another example of the problem we have in our system."
"He was too dangerous to release on parole; he was too dangerous to give five statutory release," Sullivan said.
But now that Callow's sentence is complete, the prison doors are swinging open.
"Now we have to sit

"keep your eyes open"

Wednesday, February 07, 2007



Tid--bits from Sharron's diary:

Feb 4th ,1975. "My Mother told me that on Sat----I can have all my girl friends over --sort of like a birthday pajama party, she ask me if i wanted a party, but I said no."

(Moms notes) I called her girl friends anyway----she did not know that the boys would be coming over.

(Sharrons diary)

"FEB,8th evening we all met at J&A(Mareinas) and came over to my house 9:00 p.m. Brenda, Suzy, Debbie, Mary, Marianne, Donna & Judy. At about 11pm there was a knock at the door and in came the guys, John, Weippert, Wilding, Eddy, Tommy & Robert. I was shocked. Everything turned out good though. The guys left at 3:30 am and us girls only went to sleep at 6:30 am. It was a lot of fun. My Mother brought in my birthday cake & the girls all sang happy birthday to me."

Feb 9th 1975 Sunday. "I'm 16 now (continued from party) My mom got along with everyone. They played and sang Sweet Sixteen & put mine and John's name into it. I was so embarrassed & John was really Embarrassed. I think my Mothers' so good to me".

(Mrs. prior-----Every once in a while I read Sharron's diary, she had her ups & downs like all teenagers do, something's in her diary make me smile -----and other things make me feel sad. When she wrote this in her diary she did not know that this was her last birthday, and she only had 49 more days to live. ...We miss you Sharron.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Question about woman who was attacked..

There were a few wittnesses who saw the man who attacked the woman On March 29th 1975.

We need some information concerning a woman being attacked the same evening March 29th 1975 on Ash Avenue Street ( Point St Charles.)

We do know that there were a few people who helped this woman get to safety.

Please help!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Justice Reform
This document is addressed to the Quebec Premiere, the Quebec Minister of Justice and the Quebec Minister for Public Security from victims of crime, surviving family members of murder victims, and supporters for justice reform in the province of Quebec. The complaints to which this document refers concern the 3 unsolved murders that took place in the Sherbrooke area between 1977 and 1978, and close to 20 documented cases of sexual attacks that also occurred in that region from 1977 through 1982. The complaint is against the Surete du Quebec and their investigations into these events from 2002 until the present.
We the undersigned call upon the Quebec government to take the following actions:
1. Commence a full inquiry into the actions of the Surete du Quebec and their negligence in attempting to solve these crimes, to ensure the public that these errors are never repeated, and may never be suffered by any citizen of Quebec again.
2. Reform the system of communication currently used by the Surete du Quebec. To protect the public interest, ensure citizens that information coming into police is captured and acted upon, and that information provided to victims and families of victims is initiated by police, and provided in a seamless and timely fashion. As well, ensure there is a timely and efficient method of communication employed by all police agencies in Quebec to communicate with each other.
3. Provide the Surete du Quebec with sufficient funding to allow them to dedicate resources to cold-cases; specifically we ask that a cold-case bureau be established in the Surete du Quebec, and we ask the Minister of Public Security to form a task force of special investigators for all unsolved murders in the province of Quebec.
We ask for your assistance in these matters with the greatest respect for the work you perform and the service you provide to the people of Quebec.
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