Friday, January 16, 2009

"Garden of Hope"

View the "Garden Of Tears" The "Garden of Hope"

Monday, January 05, 2009

Jessica Neilson Is Still Missing

It's been almost l month since a young woman vanished from Lasalle. Jessica Neilson IS MISSING ..She was last seen December 8th 2008. Jessica was driving an automatic, white, 4 door ,1994 Acura Integra the model with the circular lights in the front. the licence plate number 284 WNF.
If anyone sees a car that has been abandoned with this licence plate please dont hesitate to call the police.

Jessica's family is appealing to the public to help find her. Relatives put up poster, friends have been on the radio stations. There is also a facebook site. Donald and Robena Nielson last saw their 25-year-old daughter on December the 8th. Jessica said she was going out with co-workers and then disappeared. Anyone with information is asked to call 514- 393-1133.