Wednesday, February 07, 2007



Tid--bits from Sharron's diary:

Feb 4th ,1975. "My Mother told me that on Sat----I can have all my girl friends over --sort of like a birthday pajama party, she ask me if i wanted a party, but I said no."

(Moms notes) I called her girl friends anyway----she did not know that the boys would be coming over.

(Sharrons diary)

"FEB,8th evening we all met at J&A(Mareinas) and came over to my house 9:00 p.m. Brenda, Suzy, Debbie, Mary, Marianne, Donna & Judy. At about 11pm there was a knock at the door and in came the guys, John, Weippert, Wilding, Eddy, Tommy & Robert. I was shocked. Everything turned out good though. The guys left at 3:30 am and us girls only went to sleep at 6:30 am. It was a lot of fun. My Mother brought in my birthday cake & the girls all sang happy birthday to me."

Feb 9th 1975 Sunday. "I'm 16 now (continued from party) My mom got along with everyone. They played and sang Sweet Sixteen & put mine and John's name into it. I was so embarrassed & John was really Embarrassed. I think my Mothers' so good to me".

(Mrs. prior-----Every once in a while I read Sharron's diary, she had her ups & downs like all teenagers do, something's in her diary make me smile -----and other things make me feel sad. When she wrote this in her diary she did not know that this was her last birthday, and she only had 49 more days to live. ...We miss you Sharron.