Friday, April 09, 2010

Family secrets...

Families DO keep secrets

It took 22 years before the son of the Killer of 28 year old Lysandra Marie Turpin finally went to the Police to inform them of what he had witnessed when he was 16 years of age. Turpin's life came to an end after weeks of physical abuse, and before the eyes of her murderer's son. And Turpin was apparently not the only victim of such abuse, Quenell said the son told him recently.

After Christie supplied the sheriff's office with a map of where the body had been dumped, a team of detectives, evidence technicians, and sheriff's deputies found teeth, clothing and charred bones. A forensic odontologist positively identified the remains as Lysandra Turpin on Wednesday, according to Philp. The man told deputies his father, Ernest Samuel Christie Jr., kidnapped Turpin, held her hostage in their home in Fieldbrook, and then killed her after weeks of abuse.
The man said his father forced him to help her dispose of Turpin's body in a ditch, cover it with tires and set it on fire. Deputies went to the area and found teeth, clothing and charred bones. On Wednesday, forensic scientists positively identified the remains as Turpin. Christie, Jr. died in June of 2006.

What this young man did after all these years... and then coming forward!!
Christie's son, Ernest Samuel Christie, III is not facing any charges.

Bless you Lysandra Marie Turpin