Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brenda Pikala: another case solved with DNA

19 years after Minneapolis slaying, a DNA match

Brenda Pikala was stabbed in '89 while sitting beneath a footbridge across Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis; now, skin under her fingernails has led to murder charges..

"I want people to just remember Brenda's smile," she said. "It has taken a lot of years to find this man, a lot of years."

Here is another crime that has been solved with DNA!

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Jeanne Ree said...

I knew Brenda as "Babe". That was her nickname. She was my friend. It does not surprise me that she, herself, helped get the monster that took her life. She literally carried the evidence to the police herself. Thank God for DNA!!

Babe,I've thought of you every Labor Day for the last 19 years...and often throughout the years. So glad you can finally rest in peace. You may be gone from here, but you are not,and never will be forgotten.

Your friend,

Sharron Prior website said...

awww, never forget her! DNA! will solve many more cold cases.
I'm glad that her case has been solved.

theresa said...

hi my name is theresa and brenda is my sister i was thinking about her and i googled her name and found this site i guess i want to say brenda was an amazing and beautiful women inside and out and did not deserve what she got out of life but yes my sister you can rest in peace soon i will make sure of that i love you and you will always be in my heart

Sharron Prior website said...

Theresa! DNA! and new technology!..Your sister fought! Good for her!
She too was take away too early! I'm so so so glad that her murderer was caught!
never ever forget Brenda.. Thank you for sharing on our sisters website about your sister Brenda. She was a very beautiful and courageous woman.

Moreen and Doreen Prior

Sharron Prior website said...

This is Good news.. Justice will be served..they finally set a date for the murderer of Brenda Pikala
Moen, 44, was charged with second-degree murder.. (DNA evidence)

19 years after Minneapolis slaying, a DNA match

Brenda Pikala was stabbed in '89 while sitting beneath a footbridge across Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis; now, skin under her fingernails has led to murder charges.
To Brendas Family... Bless you

will keep all informed!

Jeanne Ree said...

When is the court date? I'd love to go see this monster face justice.

Sharron Prior website said...

I will find out when the Court date is ..and Hope hopefully Theresa would like to update us on that..

Sharron Prior website said...

Theresa (Brenda's sister) has informed me that the jury selection will be held on Septerber 14th 2009, and a week later the trial will begin.
I will keep you all informed.

Thanks Theresa!

Anonymous said...

This is such a sad situation.
How is her child doing?
So happy DNA has evolved to catch these killers!
The yound lady DeMeules???not sure if I am spelling it right? who also left DNA they caught and convicted,not sure what his sentence was I should look into that.
God bless all families who have lost a loved one due to murder.

Anonymous said...

Yes and that bastered only got 25 year sand with good behavior he can get out in 13. That is bullshit and makes me really mad the goverment sucks ass

Anonymous said...

Brenda's killer Alfred Moen plead guilty to second degree murder. He was sentenced yesterday to 25 years in prison, not nearly enough. He will probable be out in 15 for good behavior. Brenda's son is doing well considering, he has a son of his own, Brenda would be proud

Sharron Prior website said...

This is sad news..Justice stinks...lets hope for bad behavior..and then some..

Dotti said...

I also knew Brenda as "babe"---we worked together for many years and she was a very good person.One of our other fellow employees had went to babe" funeral with me...one year later she was shot and killed, her name was Karmen Brown.I use to go to both of there graves every year,on memorial day.--I read about the murder being solved while living in indiana at the library on line with mpls. star paper---i screamed so loud with joy in the library everyone looked at me---i didn't care because my friend murder was finally solved!!thanks for this site--it means alot.

Sharron Prior website said...
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Sharron Prior website said...

Dotti! I smiled when I read your comment! and I can only imagine how you must have felt when you heard the news! So glad that her murder has been solved. I never knew her before her death...but so many friend have written to me and here that it feels that I Have known her.
Thanks for sharing

theresa said...

hi this is theresa babe's sister dotti and jeanne ree email me at softbutch4u2004@yahoo.com i would love to talk to you both and maybe help you understand what happened more the family has found closer but i watch her oldest stuggle with it everyday but he turned out to be an amazing man

Jeanne Ree said...

Dotti? Is that you, girl? This is "Kat"...the redhead from the peeps. I sent email to Babes sister theresa...get my email address from her. Would be fun to chat with you! I was thrilled they caught that loser. Leave it up to Babe to bring them the evidence they needed...she must have scratched the hell out of him. Hope he screws up and stays locked up until the day he dies!

3girlsandbo said...

I truly hopes he never gets out. I wish the family all the best. I am truly horrified to say that I knew this man, but in reality I did not know who and what he really is, a monster

Darcy Frederick said...

Babe (brenda) is someone I have thought of so much over the past 20+ years. We had similarities sometimes in our lives. She made me laugh even when she was hurting. I LOVE YOU BABE. Always your friend; Darcy

Krissy said...

Much love.

Naomi said...

Think of you always see your son and sister on Facebook, I miss you always so much we were always together I hate that man took you away from us much love Naomi